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EMS Training will get you great results in little time. This workout is popular amongst busy professionals throughout the world. It is great for those with time constraints, elite athletes, those who might normally find it difficult to participate in weight training and many more.

Welcome to Charge Fitness - Founded in Victoria B.C. and now with locations in Edmonton and Leduc Alberta. Get fit faster through the synergy of human physiology and Electro-Muscle stimulation (EMS) technology.  


Why EMS?


About Ems



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Electro muscle stimulation training is huge in Europe and other parts of the world. This international fitness revolution is finally available to you at home in Victoria B.C.

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Suitable for almost anyone who is 19 and older and who can actively participate in exercising


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Harness the power of your own electrophysiology for a completely tailored total body workout

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Dramatically reduce the time needed to meet your fitness goals


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No extra weight bearing involved. This makes it accessible for many who find weight training taxing on their joints.

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EMS training is effective for toning you up in preparation for your special holiday