Why EMS?

To have more time and stamina to spend doing the things you enjoy.

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Simply Put - Get The Results You Want In Far Less Time!

Your Results

Whether you are simply looking for a low impact way of adding resistance training to your fitness routine, or you are an elite athlete seeking that all important competitive edge, Charge Fitness will dial you into an EMS workout that is just right for you. EMS technology replicates the physical and physiological experience of lifting weights with no increased stress on your joints. Our team will help you implement a tailored workout routine, based on your fitness goals, so you receive optimal benefit from our EMS system.


EMS training provides resistance for your muscles without the use of weights making it less stressful on joints.

Time Saving

We all lead busy lives. With all of the demands contemporary life places on us, having enough time to appropriately meet our fitness needs feels like an impossible luxury.

Through the application of EMS technology Charge Fitness can help you work towards your goals while taking up little of your precious time.

The Benefits

Increase levels of Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone is involved in the turnover of muscle tissue, which is very important in the regeneration and creation of lean muscle mass as well as the reduction of body fat. These attributes are key in staying young.  

Improve Circulation

EMS training promotes the circulation of blood throughout the muscles which aids in cell growth and organ function, providing vitality and energy.

Reduce Cellulite

Anti-cellulite treatment needs activity and stimulation. Instead of only treating the surface, EMS activates the muscular and connective tissue in its entirety, which leads to better circulation and the reduction of fat cells. The result is firmer, tighter looking skin.

Save time

Meet your goals in as little as 2 X 20 minute workouts a week or save time and amplify your results by adding EMS training to your existing routine.

Achieve Optimal Body Fat

Since it is an effective strengthening workout, EMS training changes your metabolism and the way you burn calories. It is a very effective tool for weight loss and fat elimination beginning with your very first session. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, even at rest.

Improve sex life and help prevent urinary incontinence

With EMS training, you can train the pelvic floor muscles which are important for the sexual function of both men and women. These are also the muscles responsible for keeping it in.

Easy on the joints

EMS training provides an incredible workout with very minimal impact on the joints. This makes it possible for people who can’t normally take part in strenuous conventional resistance training to gain muscle mass.

Relieve back problems

As there are electrodes built into the EMS training suit along the spinal column, those rarely trained muscles that support your posture get worked as well. Muscles around your spine get stronger which can lead to the relief of backaches accompanied by the benefit of a more confident posture.

Improve Balance

Machines at the gym often miss training the stabilizer muscles. With EMS, those hard-to-train muscles are also being worked, resulting in better balance.